Support Us

Canberra Brass is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on performance and membership fees, fundraising activities and generous corporate sponsorship, as well as donations from the public on an ongoing basis to support its programs.

Supporting Partners

Canberra Brass Incorporated greatly appreciates the generosity of its supporting partners of the following organisations:

  • Barnett, Lilley and Associates - supporting partner of Canberra Brass Inc.

  • Bates & Pickering - supporting partner of Canberra Brass Inc

  • Canberra Girls Grammar School - supporting partner of Victoria Street Brass

  • Hawker College - supporting partner of Canberra Brass Inc.

  • Rodney's PlantsPlus - supporting partner of the Canberra Brass Quintet

If you would like to support Canberra Brass Incorporated don't hesitate to contact us!

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