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Fostering the spirit of brass in the nation's capital

Canberra Brass Incorporated is a non-profit organisation which commits to fostering the spirit of brass in the Canberra community and surrounds.

The organisation consists of two brass bands, Canberra Brass and Victoria Street Brass, and the Canberra Brass Quintet, which are made up from amateur musicians from all walks of life - all of whom are drawn to the band through their love of excellent brass music. Canberra Brass also features a training band, Newbery Brass, open to all beginner and established brass and percussion players of all ages. Click here for more information.

These ensembles are available for community and private event performances, and play a wide range of music from many different styles and eras.


We're always looking for new players.

We have ensembles to suit brass and percussion players of all levels and abilities. Learn more.

Looking to hire a band?

Our groups can provide a wide range of great music for your function or special day. Get in touch to let us know what you need and how Canberra Brass Inc. can help.

Photo: @allgrownupweddings

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